A long-established ryokan in Gero Onsen.Edo (time period) relaxing space that has continued since the Edo (time period) period.A hotel located along the clear stream Hida River, close to the hot spring town, and convenient for walking around town.


Continuing from the Edo (time period) era, a relaxing inn.

Yamagataya has been in operation here since the first year of Edo (time period) period Bunka 1804). Since its founding, we strive to serve customers with the thought that "customers visiting Yamagataya should go home more than relaxing more than home, returning home."Gero located along the Clearstream Hida River River which flows through the center of Gero, and guests can enjoy a variety of seasonal scenery from the guestrooms.We serve locally produced ingredients such as Hida Wagyu and seasonal dishes using seafood directly sent from the market.We are waiting for your coming along with famous hot Japan's Three Most Famous Hot Springs of Japan's Three Most Famous Hot Springs famous Japan's Three Most Famous Hot Springs hot public baths and outdoor baths with plenty of hot water.

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The appeal of Yamagataya

  • Information about the charm of Yamagataya.

    Situated along the Hida River that flows through the center of the Gero hot springs, cherish the Tanshin (sincerity)," which has been handed down from its foundation from end of Edo time period Tempo year, ,,, the space of relaxation has been cultivated in the era to everyone

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Hotel Facilities

  • Cafe Lounge "Flow"

    The interior is Hida's furniture craftsman's original design.
    The view from the large glass window is exceptional.
    Have a wonderful time.

  • Banquet Hall

    Various large and small are prepared according to the application

    We will prepare a banquet hall according to the number of people.Please enjoy your family celebrations, banquets with company associates and friends, old-fashioned alumni associations and so on.
    It is possible to do up to 100 people for the table banquet at Ozashiki.

    In addition, we can prepare a slightly higher seat chair (high seat chair), high feet table and so on.
    Please do not hesitate to tell us.(There are a limited number)
  • Convention Hall "Zuiun"

    Space directing gorgeous parties

    It can be used for various conferences, parties and exhibitions.We propose various plan according to purpose and number of people.The wall in the direction of Hida River, of course, is glazed.Various rich landscapes per season will make your conversation momentous.

    Venue area: 22 m x 16.5 m, 341 m²(2 split possible)
    Capacity:Reception party 300 people, Dinner 200 people, Conference 250 people(School formula)
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Google Map

Hotel Name



260-1Yunoshima, Gero City

Telephone number



13 minutes on foot from JR Takayama Main Line Gero Station

Transfer available
Gero Station there is a shuttle bus from 13:30 to 18:30 (according to express arrival)
※Gero Station the exit of Gero Station, the driver picks up a plate of "Yamagataya"
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Anniversary order

  • We accept additional orders for important anniversaries!

    We will produce an important anniversary.
    We offer cakes, bottles with names, arrangement flowers, etc. according to the number of people and budget.Please feel free to use it.
    ※For details, please see the link below (cake.jp).

I took a picture of Yamagataya with a drone!

Gero Onsen PR Movie

  • Gero Onsen will introduce the charm of Gero Onsen (Gero City) with animation!

    You can see PR videos of Gero Onsen and Gero City created by Gero Spa Tourist Association.
    Gero's charm is plenty of videos. We are introducing videos of each of the four seasons.
    To see all the videos including foreign language correspondence, please visit the website of "Gero Spa Tourist Association" (from the link below).

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