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Yamagataya, information on traffic access. We are waiting with Hida's famous production.

Those who come all the way to the far way,
Those who stop by nearby people,
Please take care.
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260-1Yunoshima, Gero City

Telephone number



13 minutes on foot from JR Takayama Main Line Gero Station

Transfer available
Gero Station there is a shuttle bus from 13:30 to 18:30 (according to express arrival)
※Gero Station the exit of Gero Station, the driver picks up a plate of "Yamagataya"
  • When coming by car

    Access method 1: Tokyo
    60 minutes to Nagoya area by Chuo Expressway Nakatsugawa IC - National Route 257 to Gero area

    Access method 2: Osaka
    Meishin Expressway to Nagoya, Komaki JCT to Chuo Expressway Nakatsugawa IC - National Route 257 to Gero 60 minutes

    ※The parking lot will be in the premises and on-site contract parking lot.Depending on the situation parking lot may be a place away from the inn.Please understand.
  • When coming by train

    <About transfer from Gero Station>
    Gero Station to the hotel, we operate a shuttle bus according to the arrival time of the Limited Express Hida.

    ·1:30 pm to 6:30 pm
    ※Gero Station clerk at the exit of Gero Station has a plate of "Yamagataya" and is waiting.

    <About pick-up from Yamagataya>
    A shuttle bus is operated from the hotel to Gero Station to the Limited Express Hida departure time.

    ·7:09 AM to 10:45 AM
    (It will be 6 pieces of 7: 09, 8: 32, 8: 55, 9: 55, 10: 20, 10: 45)
     ※Please inquire the front desk about the time you wish to board.
  • Guaranteed convenient Gero Onsen direct bus tour

    Nagoya Station before ⇔, Gero Station before (About 2 hours 30 minutes)
    We operate daily roundtrip a day.

    round trip, ¥ 3,700
    Adult, Children(3 years and over)Solo Traveler
    one way, ¥ 2,800
    Adult, Children(3 years and over)Solo Traveler
  • Guidance of direct bus to Mabuchi · Tsumabuchi

    A direct bus to Mabuchi and Tsumabuchi will be operated from Gero Onsen.
    As it is service at time that is most suitable for sightseeing in Tsumabuchi, Mabuchi, please use.
    (Image provision:Nakatsugawa Tourism Association)

    ※Please check the departure time and fare and fare on the Nohi Bus website (link on the lower right).