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Hida Region is a guide of dishes that you can taste the season of Gero in Hida Region.

Hida Region is a guide of dishes that you can taste the season of Gero in Hida Region.
We will prepare food ingredients in Hida Region mainly because of the skillfulness of the chief chef.
With careful preparation and work that spared no effort,
We will bring out the deliciousness of seasonal ingredients to the maximum.
  • Basic Kaiseki Kofuku(Kofuku )Kaiseki"

    Natural rich South Hida · Gero
    Yamagataya original finished with carefully selected ingredients
    Kofuku<Kofuku >Kaiseki is
    "Happiness" will be delivered to your tongue in your eyes

    《An example of menu》
    ·aperitif, Plum wine
    ·Sakizuki Turnip,Fuyu persimmon sweet and sour sauce,Salmon roe
    ·Seasonal vegetables assortment Seven kinds of seasons
    ·Zuri A post,tuna,squid,Counterbore
    ·Ryogi Satsuma Imo Okowa Butter Flavor
    ·Burning Chicken Jibu-ni,lotus root,Small potato,Awafu,Blue ginkgo
    ·Grilled yellowtail nanban grilled
    ·Stove Domestic beef shabu-shabu,Set of vegetables,Who is sesame
    ·Steamed shrimp potato Manju, soba rice and nameko mushroom bean paste
    ·Rice Hitomebore from Gifu Prefecture
    ·Tome bowl red soup stock
    ·Three kinds of incense
    ·Water products Seasonal products

    ※Cooking content will change according to the season, purchase situation.

    ※Cooking picture is an image.
  • "Selectable Kaiseki"★A5 Hida Beef or sashimi? Which one? What? , Main can be chosen

    Arrange the basic Kaiseki"! "
    You can choose the main dish as you like≪Choice Plan≫
    Hida Beef! Fresh sashimi!
    "Please choose according to your taste"

    ■Your choice of Kaiseki Meal■
    Please choose your favorite dish
    ●Exquisite A5 Hida Beef"pottery grill"
     Simply grill the meat! If you enjoy gravy!
    ●Exquisite A5 Hida Beef"Hoba Miso grilled Hoba Miso"
     Local cuisine of Hida Grilled Park! Miso of Yamagataya is a bit different!
    ●Excellent A5 Hida Beef"Shabu-shabu"
     Shabu shabu shabu meat with beautifully sashi!
    ●Assorted "fresh sashimi"
     Enjoy the fresh fish you purchase every morning!

    ※Please fill in the desired main dish in the "Requested field"
    ※It is okay for each person to fall apart.Please write "how many 〇〇, how many △△".
  • "Hida Gourmet Kaiseki"☆A5 Hida Beef& seasonal vegetables & fresh seafood!

    Hida chief chef cooked with heart with hearty ingredients of Hida cooked,
    Passion "Hida Gourmet Kaiseki"
    Enjoy the delicious Hida's favorite seasons!

    ■Hida Gourmet Kaiseki■
    Hida's beautiful water, majestic nature,
    "Hida Beef" which was brought up to delicious air and
    Fresh seafood delivered from the market every morning,
    "Seasonal vegetables" purchased from local contract farmers,
    "Choice chef 's carefully selected" passion "" exquisite gourmet Kaiseki"!

    ※Cooking content varies according to the season and purchasing situation.
  • "Fully Enjoy A5 Hida Beef Kaiseki" ☆Special☆

    Please enjoy "Hida Beef" as it came to Gero.
    The classic "pottery grill", "rice cake" and "salad"
    Hida Beef's "charm" can be enjoyed easily!
    ☆Hida Beef Kaiseki course☆

    ■Full of Hida Beef Kaiseki☆Special■
    Enjoy the "best"Hida gourmet, "A5 Hida beef".
    "Full course" to taste Hida Beef!

    A5 Hida Beef's sweet and lean body, mellow texture, rich flavor spreading in the mouth plenty ,,,

    ※Hida Beef dish content may change due to purchase convenience.
     Chief chef leaves the contents.Please understand in advance.
  • "Breakfast"

    Because it's a big deal, relaxing in the morning
    A delicious breakfast is also one of the pleasure of traveling

    For the breakfast which becomes the energy of the day activities, we prepare Japanese set menu with nutrition balance.Those who do not usually eat breakfast usually, those who change breakfast at our hotel as well.
    You can enjoy the taste of the season, sticking to local ingredients.
    Fresh juice such as tomato juice or orange juice, apple juice, etc. can also be served.(Please leave the content)

    ※Breakfast content changes according to season, purchase situation.
In addition, it is information and notes about cooking.
  • About allergy

    If you have allergic ingredients, please ask in advance.
    We will correspond as much as possible according to your circumstances.(There are also ingredients that can not be handled)
    However, we are sorry, it is not possible to remove the fine ingredients contained in processed goods, and the soup stocks and extracts of meat and seafood.
    In addition, we can not deal with those who have severe allergy (even those with small amounts of allergic symptoms etc), so we appreciate that you acknowledge that point.
    In case of offering on the day, we can not respond.Please pile up again.
  • About the dish of a child

    Elementary school students will be approximately 70% of adults.Infants are approximately 50% of adults.(It may change according to plan)
    For dinner only infants, only dinner will be served.A separate application is required for breakfast.
    Children's meals of 70% of adult fee will be few items of the same Kaiseki of Kaiseki cuisine as adults. Also, 50% of the children will be the contents of the special meal (children's meal style) for children. Breakfast is the same set meal as adult.
  • About dinner time

    Dinner will start from 18:00 to 19:30.
    The final start time is 19:30.If you arrive after that you can not offer dinner so please understand.
    In addition, the meal start time in the restaurant may be divided into two-part system.(18:00, 19:30 etc) Please acknowledge it beforehand, please apply.
  • About meal place

    Yamagataya, you can enjoy various styles of Hida such as “room meal”, “private room meal” and “restaurant”.
    Basically the dinner venue is left to the hotel (you can not select it).
    However, rooms and plan for which meal places are committed are excluded.

    《Private room or room meals room·Plan》
    ·Special Room
    ·Private open-air bath attached
    ·Sugawa Pavilion top floor non-smoking room (room meal impossible · single room meal only)
    ·Couple Plan
    ·Babies Plan
    ·Anniversary Plan
    ※It can not be chosen whether it is a room or a private room.
    ※Limited time and special plan etc may be restaurant.
    ※Smoking is prohibited in the restaurant.