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T-POINT Information

Yamagataya you make a reservation from the Yamagataya official page ...

  • ※In addition, points may be doubled or tripled in a campaign etc.

【Flow of Point Acquisition】

■Please make a reservation from the Yamagataya official website reservation site.

※In case of reservation from other reservation site, we can not give a point.

■Present your T Card at the front desk at the time of payment.

※If you do not have a T Card, you can not place points.

■T-POINT earned!

※Points will be added to the T Card within 2 months after the stay.

  • Let's save more and more and use it more and more!

    T-POINT can use T-POINT regardless of the reservation route.
    You can use the points you have accumulated so far to pay for the use fee in the facility such as accommodation fee and drink.(Please ask at the front desk)
    However, it is not possible to refund the points for travel agencies and points after advance card payment.
  • 【Notes】
    ※Can not be combined with other points or discounts.
    ※Granting of points is limited to accommodation fee.(Excluding beverages such as drinks are excluded)
    ※Giving point will be limited to cash payment.(Credit card is not allowed)
    ※Giving points will be limited to reservations from the official website of the hotel.
    ※Applications for T-POINT are self-assessed and are only applicable if T Card are presented at checkout.
     Points can not be granted at a later date.Please note.