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  2. Group accommodation plan

Group accommodation plan

Hospitality of Yamagataya

  • Dinner will prepare Kaiseki cuisine.
    Please enjoy the cuisine of Yamagataya shop.
  • 【Meeting Room plan】
    Solo Traveler [tax excluded] 800 yen
    Meeting room(120 minutes), Wet towel, tea, Coffee
    ※Please apply by 20 people or more.
    ※Equipment such as projectors will be charged separately.

Options to enjoy your party

  • All-you-can-drink

    120 minutes drunk drink
    Solo Traveler [tax excluded] ¥ 2,400
    beer·Sake·Shochu·Oolong Tea·juice
    ※We accept from 10 people
  • Second party set

    60 minutes drunk drink
    Solo Traveler [tax excluded] 2,500 yen
    Water split·Shochu·Oolong Tea·juice, With karaoke
    (Extension 30 minutes 1,000 yen tax excluding)
  • companion

    1 person, 18,000 yen/120 minutes (tax excluded·Tomoyo)
    ※Please apply by 2 people or more.
    The extension is 4,500 yen (excluding tax) every 30 minutes.
  • Geisha

    1 person, 19,000 yen/120 minutes (tax excluded·Tomoyo)
    ※We will receive from 1 person.
    The extension is 4,750 yen (excluding tax) every 30 minutes.
  • We will prepare a banquet hall according to the number of people.Please enjoy your family celebrations, banquets with company associates and friends, old-fashioned alumni associations and so on.
    It is possible to do up to 100 people for the table banquet at Ozashiki.

For groups, please feel free to contact the reservation center (0576-25-2601) by phone or email (info@yamagata-ya.co.jp).