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Day plan

It is a popular day trip plan style set meal "English (Hanabusa) and hot spring large public bath & open-air bath bathing comes with hearty Hida Beef".

  • Chief chef of Hida Region of the famous Hida Beef with food and lunch plan to enjoy the hot springs of Japan's Three Most Famous Hot Springs Gero Onsen Meals are served in the restaurant (no partitions).
    Breaks are available in the lobby. (No rooms available)
    Please spend your time at ease.
  • 【Lunch plan】
    Contents: Meals at the restaurant (no partitions), hot spring bathing (with towels and bath towels), breaks (lobby)
    ※There is no break room
    In-facility use time: 11:30 to 14:30
    Charge: 1 person, 5,500 yen (Service Fee included, Consumption tax included)※A separate hot spring tax of 100 yen is required
    Children should apply as adults if the food is the same as adults.
    If you are an infant who can eat Kids Meal, please apply with an infant (excluding 3,000 yen tax).

    ※Please contact us if you are a group.
    ※The photograph is an image.Depending on the season, the number of items and contents are different.
    ※Parking lot is available free of charge. (11:30-14:30 can be parked) If there is a full car, it may be parked on the riverbed. Thank you for understanding in advance.
    ※Only adults need a hot spring tax of 100 yen.
  • There is also a one-day "room meal"plan!

    There is also a plan that uses the room for meals and breaks.
    Please relax and relax.
    (There are days when there is no room meal plan set)