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Recommended tourist information around Yamagataya area

Family, friends, couple,
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We will inform you of recommended sightseeing information by theme

If you extend a little from the hotel you will find magnificent nature and
There are lots of spots where culture is felt!
Please check it!
  • Enjoy nature!

    • I want to go there once! Osaka-no-taki Waterfall

      Cruising Osaka-no-taki Waterfall of "Osaka-no-taki Waterfall" No. 1 of "Certificate of Gifu's treasure" The Hida side of Mt. Ontaki consists of abundant rainfall and a large mountain stream and forest with great heading, so there are over 200 waterfalls over 5 m.Among them, "Japan's Top 100 Waterfalls" including one "waterfall of Neo" of, Beginner 4 course, Intermediate course, along with senior course there are 14 waterfalls tour course
      Guide will be announced except for beginner's course.

      Gero City Kosakamachi Town, Gero City
      Duration required from Yamagataya : about 40 minutes by car

      Inquiries:Hida Kosaka tourism organizations
      TEL 0 576 - 62 - 2570 FAX 0576 - 62 - 2577
    • Enjoy the whole nature at Shimizu Maze River

      Natural Ayu grew up in the Maze River which flows north and south of the center of Maze, and won "National Arysu Grand Prix" with exquisite flavor and aroma.That decision is still beautiful water and air.It is good to go out for a leisurely walk and enjoy the downstream as well as climbing climbing.By touching clear water, your body and mind will be healed.
      It is blessed with abundant nature and water "100 Townships of the National Water Township", "100 Forests of the National Water Source Factory", "100 Best Water Chooshers of Heisei (time period)".

      Gero City Maze area
      Duration required from Yamagataya : about 40 minutes by car
    • Nature that I enjoy with the five senses, Iwayagi

      "Iwaoki", a designated natural treasure in Gifu Prefecture, is the piece of lava flow in Japan made of lava from the Utaki.The column rocky rock wall with a height of 72 meters and a width of 120 meters, made by a large eruption about 54,000 years ago, is a masterpiece.In the surroundings, you can enjoy the fresh green of spring and the beautiful stroll of autumn leaves.
      There is no other choice but to be overwhelmed by the presence of Iwataki, which looks straight ahead.
      The observation deck, shops, parking lot etc are maintained in the "soldering park" on the other side, so you can drop in easily by private car.Who wants to see Iwatishi, why not extend your legs around the surrounding waterfall?
    • Seseragi's walking path "Yu no Machi Amitaka Park"

      As you go upstream in the Asano Valley, you will see people enjoying walking along the clear stream."Yu no Machi Amitaka Park" is a comfortable breeze of the Kawa-no-Seseragi through the four seasons, the promenade within the park is a popular walking course.It is a healing space where you can relax and listen to the bird's voices while watching the rich natural scenery on the way to the hot springs.
      There are sho pu pond, waterfall, fountain etc. along the well-organized boardwalk, autumn brings autumn leaves, springs cherry blossoms, summer fresh green and complements the changing seasons.There are play equipment for children, too, so you can play water in the summer, so we recommend using with parents.Please extend your legs from Yamagataya and have a relaxing time.

      Gero City Forest
      Duration from Yamagataya : about 4 minutes by car
      Entry permit, Free Parking(50 units)
    • "Illusion duet" that seedling cherry blossoms are fascinating

      Gero Onsen called "fantasy duo" and light-up of Mine Maki Sakura delivering with confidence.The fantastic scenery spreads from 19 o'clock to 21 o'clock in the evening.
      "Nursery" is a rice field for making seedlings of rice.The origin of the name of Matsuri Sakura came from that the villagers were preparing for the seedlings waiting for the beautiful cherry blossoms to bloom.Therefore, the alias name attached is "Koyomi Sakura".It is also designated as Gifu Prefecture Designated Natural Monument, and it is overwhelmed by the stately style of two cherry trees of about 400 years old.

      Gero City Makoto 567
      Duration required from Yamagataya : about 30 minutes by car
      Parking:Cooperation fee 300 yen
    • Hida River park where 350 cherry blossoms are fascinating

      Hida River park is a large multipurpose park with a size of approximately 70,000 square meters spreading in the riverbed of Masuda River.When you go cherry blossom viewing, you will be amazed at the number of cherry blossoms in line.That number, 350 books.On sunny days the blue sky and green lawn, cherry pink is colorful.A lot of families visit, the voices of children who are energetically surrounded by cherry blossoms in full bloom, makes us more gorgeous.
      Hida River park is a facility where ground golf course and cycling course certified by the Japan Ground and Golf Association are maintained.Especially in early spring, popularity is gaining, because there is extensive lawn open space and you can enjoy sports in the scenery where cherry blossoms can be seen.

      Gifu Prefecture Gero City Hagiwara Town Ko Lu 2250-1
      Duration required from Yamagataya : about 15 minutes by car
    • Walking through the autumn colors at Momijjiji "Yu-ji Temple"

      From the appearance that five kinds of maples with 100 or more colors dyed the precincts vividly, Yusuin Temple has been popularly known as "Mamijiji".With colorful autumn leaves and fallen leaves, it seems that the whole temple is wrapped ... ....Gero Onsen famous autumn leaves landscape at Gero Onsen, a landmark of autumn leaves lined with hot Gero Onsen temple, many people visit and enjoy strolling every year.
      In Kanemori Kanemori's garden, a maple grafted from Kyoto decorates the garden and gives a color to the quiet atmosphere of the temple.Although it grew strongly but it grew big, autumn leaves created a clear contrast, and the scene is just overwhelming.Numerous city designated cultural assets, such as the Takara image by the high priest "Heian Era" in the Heian period, valuable left hand winding trees, etc. are preserved.

      Kanayamacho, Gero City middle 1545
      Duration required from Yamagataya : about 45 minutes by car
      Worship free, Publication time: 9: 00-16: 00
    • Slow Drive course Nakayanagi

      Gero City Mihara and Kanayamacho, it is formed of beautiful nature and unique shaped natural rocks and is known as a scenic site rich in the scenery of the four seasons.A wonderful place to enjoy the expressions of the mountains that change every season, such as autumn leaves in autumn, cherry blossoms in spring, fresh green in summer, it is ideal for slow drive course.
      28 kilometers from the Obashi Bridge over the Hida River River to the Kanayamacho Bridge are designated as Hida Kisogawa National Monumental Park.It is also perfect for the drive course of people coming from the other side, and it seems that autumn leaves emit brilliant color development than the urban area.Blessing rocks blooming between the rocks from spring to early summer are also worth seeing.

      Gero City mountain Mihara Gero City
      Duration required from Yamagataya : about 20 to 30 minutes by car
  • Enjoy watching!

    • Fireworks and music harmony Gero Onsen fireworks musical

      Gero Onsen fireworks musical which many people are looking forward every year is one of the representative events of Gero City.The fireworks that can be launched with a tempo according to various music will brighten the town of Gero and will create special memories for you.
      A magnificent fireworks musical has "summer performances" and "winter performances".The summer performance decorates the last day of the "Gero Onsen Festival" magnificently and the winter performance is held several times in December, with the theme of "Lovers' Winter Fireworks".Winter with family and friends in the summer performance, moist with the couple and cup in the winter performance, please spend a wonderful time.

      Launch at Gero Bridge upper stream (planned)
    • Winter Gero Onsen sparkling story vividly colorful story

      "A story of fireworks at Gero Onsen winter" that dye hot-spring town with colorful light.In the clear winter air, the scenery which covered the white spot with white spots is screens in various places and the scenery reflecting the fireworks light is fantastic.Fireworks looking up from the Gero Onsen Town will be one piece of a tasteful journey.
      The secret of the popularity of the fireworks story is that the fireworks based on the seasonal event can be seen.For example, January is "Hellspring" or "Adult ceremony"."Setsubun" or "Valentine" in February."White day" and "departure" in March.Every time different production, the crush of the journey is increasing more and more.

      Every Saturday from January to March held, 10 minutes from 20:30 (planned)
    • Photo: From the Gifu Prefectural Tourism Federation HP

      The world's largest rose garden, Flower Festa Memorial Park

      Hana Festa Memorial Park established a venue for exhibition of flowers, which was held in Heisei (time period), "Hana Festa father-in-law", is a city park of prefectural was opened.Nagoya Dome It is the world's largest rose garden where roses of about 7,000 varieties and 30 million shares were planted in a vast site of about 17 (80.7 ha).
      In addition, it has various facilities such as "flower museum", "flower earth museum", 45 meters high "flower tower" that can overlook the garden, and outdoor event hall."Flower theme park" that you can enjoy from adults to children.

      Seta Seta, Gifu Prefecture 1584-1
      Opening Hours, 9: 00-17: 00 (Last entry at 16:30)※There are changes according to the season
      Admission fee, adults 520 yen, Spring / autumn rose festival period is 1,000 yen
      Below high school students free
      Duration required from Yamagataya : about 1 hour 30 minutes by car
  • Enjoy history!

    • Original old landscape of good old Japan, Gero Onsen Gasshomura Village

      "Village of Kanpo" is crowded with people who were invited by old-fashioned nostalgia.The village is reproduced with ten buildings in the principal building, centering on the nationally designated important tangible folk cultural property "Former Otobei Housing" transferred from Shirakawago.In the village various mountain grasses bloom every season, especially the winter, the scenery where the snow will fall without the sound on the thatched roof is exceptional.At the folk museum that displays agricultural tools and folk implements, you can feel the life culture of the community pagoda familiar.
      In addition, we also recommend handicraft experiences such as "Misa Potteries" which can be painted on various ceramics, "Kakurakura" where drawing can be done with Japanese paper.

      Gero City Mori 2369 Street
      Duration required from Yamagataya : 5 minutes by car
      Adult(s)(Above high school student)800 yen, children(small·Middle school students)400 yen
      ※Discount admission ticket sale available at Yamagataya (adult)
    • Experience the Jomon and Yayoi period Gero Furusato History Museum

      Gero Furusato History Memorial Museum is a facility that both adults and children can enjoy, from ancient times to modern day in Hida Region.In addition to a memorial hall in the premises, there are also parks and storage halls, which are popular as comprehensive museums.You will feel a fresh surprise if you see the history after knowing history.
      In the memorial hall, you can experience miniature earthenware and jomon syllabary making jiggens.The three course choose are "Make miniature Jomon pottery", "Make ancient accessories" "Make Jomon soil product".Please fully enjoy your experience!

      Gifu Prefecture Gero City Forest 1808-37
      About 10 minutes by car from Yamagataya
    • It is healed by the view of the hot spring town, a Gero Onsen spring temple watching over Gero Onsen

      Old buildings are lining up, and the gorgeous Gero Onsen Town.The temple you want to visit in plenty of places of interest is the "hot spring temple" familiar from long ago.Its history is old, it was erected in Hirofumi 11 years (1671).There are still a lot of ema that the spa medical guests of the Edo (time period) era paid for the main hall, and we still have a crowd from that time.
      The calm view of the spa town, which can be seen from the climbing 173 stone steps, is healed.
      The autumn leaves light up around the hot spring temple which is held every year.Please enjoy the bright autumn colors reflected in the dark night.During the period, "Momiji footbath" is specially set up, you can see the autumn leaves while healing the cold.

      Gifu prefecture Gero City Yunoshima 680
      Time required from Yamagataya : about 10 minutes on foot
      Worship free, publication time: until sunset
    • Jinshan megalithite familiar with ancient history

      It seems like a lot of huge rocks exceeding 10 meters are gathered.Here, "Jinshan megalithic group" is a generic name of "Iwadeya Iwaojin ruins megalithic group", "megalith group with a stone stone" and "mountain megalithite group in the east".Despite being made in the Jomon period, it is said that it has the function to accurately measure time as a solar calendar.
      This Jinshan megalithic group is considered the world's oldest ruins because it was discovered about 8,000 years ago by the surrounding excavation survey and it is also known as the strongest power spot.We also helped with very high accuracy, the first archaeological astronomical survey conducted in Japan.
      How about touching the wisdom of ancient people and thinking back to the past?

      Takahira Iwase character Kanayamacho Gero City
      Time required from Yamagataya : about 1 hour by car
    • Couple couple and legend important cultural property Hisatsu Hachimangu Shrine

      Kusumi Hachimangu Shrine wears quiet air, so that it is impossible to be right by the national highway.It was reported that it was founded about 1,600 years ago and has gained faith widely as "Ninomiya of Hida".Both the main hall and the honor residence are designated as important cultural properties of the country, and the representative architectural style of the medieval is conveyed to the present age.
      A big couple here.Yuugi near the main shrine is called Yuugi, and the one closest to the shrine is called a female cedar, aged over 1, 200 years.The tree is around 12.5 meters, both of which are designated as a natural monument of the country.

      Gero City 2360-1 Hagiwara Town
      Duration required from Yamagataya : about 20 minutes by car
    • image:Yaotsu-cho Tourism Association

      Memorial hall honoring humanitarian achievement Sugihara Chiune Memorial Hall

      Sumio Sugihara stood in a humanitarian position and issued a visa for passing around Japan to about 6,000 Jewish refugees and saved precious lives."Sugihara Chiune Memorial Hall" is a facility that honors its achievements.The building is made of traditional construction using cypress wood from Gifu, expresses cultural differences between the land of Lituania and the birthplace of Yaotsu, a region of foreign origin and wraps over the spirit of Senju softerly over time and space.
      The 'Sugihara Chihiro Memorial Museum' displays not only his own exhibits but also Jews who were able to escape from Nazi · Germany say 'Important life visa' which says "Important next to life".
      Through the "Visa of Life" issued by Chiune, the locus of the lives of those who helped is "the footprint of the Jews" as a stone plate.
      Why do not you think about life and peace at this memorial hall, standing on a rich natural land, where Sugihara Chiune River was born and raised.

      Kago-gun Yaotsu-cho Yaotsu 1071
      Duration required from Yamagataya : about an hour and a half by car
      Adult 300 yen, Child 100 yen
  • Enjoy culture!

    • Experience & experience at Gero spa hot spring museum!

      "Gero spa museum of hot springs" introducing hot springs from both science and culture.It is a hot spring that is usually casually entered, but if you go here, you may be able to solve the question "Why it is cloudy?" "Why is it warm?"It is a museum where children and adults can enjoy learning with easy-to-understand exhibitions and experimental sections.
      Inside the facility, interesting materials such as hot springs' springing mechanism, spring quality and efficacy, hot spring discovery legends and hot springs numbering are displayed.You may be able to know the secret of a hot spring you did not know until then.
      There is footbath section.

      Gero City Yunoshima 543-2
      Duration from Yamagataya : 3 minutes on foot
      Adult 400 yen/Child 200 yen
    • Tenjyo Sake brewing knowing the skills of Du

      Dignified clear air, a tank lined up in order.In that, quietly fermented mash, a refreshing taste of sake is made.Here, "Tenjyo Brewed" brews sake and shochu with passion for rice and water, Du Shi with soul.It is a long-established store familiar to citizens since the Edo (time period) period.
      We are going to visit the sake store all year round, so how about going there?

      Sake brewing tours are held on Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, year-end and New Year holidays, every day except Obon
      Visiting hours: 10 am to 4 pm
      Time required:About 30 minutes to 1 hour

      1 in the 1289 Hagiwara Gero City Hero Hall in Gero City
      About 20 minutes by car from Yamagataya
    • People in Gero gather, Madonichi Morning Market

      "Iiyusu Morning Market" to be held in the vicinity of the entrance of "Gero Onsen Gasshomura Village", local people brought special products and opened in Heisei (time period) 12.Although the scale is small, the whole city is full of vigor.On the opening day, people looking for bargains and special products sold directly from the production area, people who enjoy shopping gather from inside and outside the town.
      It is one of enjoyment not to mention shopping, chatting with locals as well.You may also be able to hear "profitable information" that you will notice after talking on the site.Gero everyone in Gero sells goods with their own hands, we can meet the special products of "Gero inn" that can not be found in ordinary souvenir shops!

      Gero City Mori 2369
      Time required from Yamagataya : 10 minutes by car
      Holding time: from 8 o'clock noon to noon
      From March to November excluding stormy weather
  • Yamagataya recommended spot

    • Authentic coffee shop "Green building"

      Yamagataya you run National Route 41 from Yamagataya to Takayama for about 10 minutes, there is a rare coffee shop "Green House" around here.In antique atmosphere shops, items of timepieces such as timepiece clocks, musical instruments, speakers etc. are displayed.

      Coffee menus are so many that they are at a loss as to choosing, some of them have been offered to the Emperor! , Using all coffee beans that have been roasted autogeneously, they fill in a cup full of cups.In addition, there are abundant menus such as tea and soft drinks.Pan menu is also popular, especially "Ring Toast" is very popular.The contents of a round bread is hollowed out, and various toasts enter there.Because the amount is large, it is recommended to eat by two people!

      【Address】Gero City Pond 125-1 Hagiwara Town, Gero City
      【Opening Hours] 8:00 to 18:30(18:00 Orderstop)
      【Regular holiday】Thursday (in the case of a holiday, next day)
      【Time required from Yamagataya】Approximately 10 minutes by car
    • Cafe 'Siegfrieda'

      On the way from Yamagataya to Maze, a pastry cafe located in Hagiwara Town.The store name "Siegfrieda" seems to be the name of the grandmother of the house that the shop owner had homestayed during the training in Austria.The exterior reminiscent of European countryside, interior decoration is also good sense, miscellaneous eyes drawn tickled adult heart.You can sit on your favorite chair and relax just watching the outside trees.It is good to go while you are on the go, it is also good to take a relaxing time with your favorite books.Please have a good tea time with delicious coffee & tea and cake.【Address】Gero City Hagiwara-cho Tokozu 1421-5
      【Opening Hours】10:00 to 18:30
      【Regular holiday】Monday (in the case of a holiday, next day), on the 4th Tuesday
      【Time required from Yamagataya】Approximately 15 minutes by car
    • Japanese Confectionery Crisis "Bunkan"

      In "Bunken" in Hagiwara shopping district, we have old-fashioned self-made Japanese sweets.In spring, "sweetfish" In summer, "sweet potato" In autumn "chestnut kinton" In winter "sesame Daifuku", Japanese sweets through the four seasons entertain the eyes and tongue.In addition, we recommend "Misuwa wanderers" shaped like the lions of local Suwa shrine.

      Especially popular is Spring only 'Okaechase'."Awaru" means "kneading" in the dialect of Hida.It seems that it is said to be "reprimand" from "returning unexpectedly" many times over and over again.This sweet flavorful rich with seasonal worms is a limited-time product only for May and June, every year with reservations and guests flooded! Please, try to eat too.

      【Address】Gero City Hagihara cho Hagahara 1282-11
      【Opening Hours】9: 00-18: 00
      【Regular holiday】Sunday
      【Time required from Yamagataya】Approximately 15 minutes by car
    • Restaurant "barrels"

      Atmosphere that we used wood abundantly, calm atmosphere.As fresh seafood selected carefully by chief chefs and mountain favorites in Hida Region are purchased, you can enjoy dishes that incorporate them abundantly every day.That taste is surprised to everyone that "You can eat such fresh and delicious sashimi at Gero Onsen".

      The general public 'Yoda-chan' is rich in topics and can also enjoy talking while sitting at the counter! There are also halls available in the shop, in addition to counter seats, box seats, groups.

      【Address】Yunoshima Yuginosima, Gero City
      【Opening Hours】11: 30 to 14: 00, 18: 00-22: 30
      【Regular holiday】Wednesday
      【Time required from Yamagataya】About 2 minutes on foot
    • Restaurant "Kanbun"

      Going from Yamagataya to the hot spring town, you will find a sofa shop soon.It is an at home shop that you can use widely and easily, even for a single person or a group.The menu is rich in variety, including ramen, noodles, bowls and dishes.

      Especially recommended is fried chicken.Outside is juicy and inside is juicy so please bring deep-fried, special sauce soy sauce.If you eat this one surely will become addictive! , "Famous B-grade gourmet" chicken don bowl "and home-made dumplings are also delicious.

      【Address】Gero City Yunoshima 915-2
      【Opening Hours】11:00 to 14:00, 17: 30-24: 00
      【Regular holiday】Tuesday
      【Time required from Yamagataya】About 1 minute on foot
    • Sweets "Yukitsuki Honkei"

      A traditional Japanese confectionary shop and a Western-style confectionery shop where a cake shop with cute cakes and baked goods abundant became one.In a shop where a friendly and energetic service manager picks you up, there are beautiful colorful sweets that match the season.The eye should be robbed instantly.

      Among them, Ichoshi is "raw dora".It is Dorayaki which wrapped a cream that mixes grain and cream with soft leather.The balance of cream and skin is exquisite, it is too sweet to eat any number.There are "autumn taste" mixed chestnut kinton in cream, something sandwiching matcha cream, etc. Please check out the seasonal only raw dora!

      【Address】Gifu prefecture Gero City Kota 1145-4
      【Opening Hours】8: 30-19: 00
      【Regular holiday】Irregular holiday
      【Time required from Yamagataya】Approximately 13 minutes on foot, approximately 2 minutes by car