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Hot Springs

Luxury to see beautiful scenery in Gero-no-yu.Relax and heal your body and mind.

In addition to a spacious and open public bath and a pleasant outdoor bath with a shade of greenery,
We have a private open-air bath with cherry blossom trees in front of you and a private open-air bath in each guest room.
The discovery of the Gero Onsen is said to be during the calendar year (941 - 946 years).
The first name that appeared in the literature is the book "Baika Mujinzo", a book written by Banri Shuku, a Gozan zen monk.
About 60 States in Japan, there is hallowed ground to Maishu, is its prime who, Kusatsu of Shimotsuke, Arima of Tsuyo, of Hishu Yushima, the three-processing Nari"
That of Yunoshima of Gero City, the location of Yamagataya the Yushima
Why do not you realize the reason why you are called the three famous spring of the world?
  • Male and female public bath

    Spacious large public bath, excellent opening feeling.When I sink down in a big bathtub, my whole body will come out forcefully.Body and mind are healed, please enjoy the extreme moment.
    Window glass is large, and you can see various landscapes every season.
    We have a handrail in the bathroom entrance and a part of the bathtub.
    Hot spring bath hours
    Early in the morning from 5 p.m. at 9:30 am / 11:30 am to late night
    Hot spring bathing category
    No change of gender
    Because your feet are slippery due to the ingredients of hot springs, please be careful.
    At the entrance of the bathtub and outdoor bath there are steps or stairs.
  • Open Air Bath

    Pleasant is the green area of bamboo and maple, open-air bath to come hear the Kawa-no-Seseragi Hida Kawa-no-Seseragi from the other side.While taking a sunshine in the daytime, you can relax in luxury under the moonlight in the evening.
    Hot spring bath hours
    Early in the morning from 5 p.m. at 9:30 am / 11:30 am to late night
    Hot spring bathing category
    No change of gender
    Because your feet are slippery due to the ingredients of hot springs, please be careful.
    There is a staircase when going out to the outdoor bath from the public bath.
  • Guest room open-air bath full of individuality

    We have placed a private bath on the terrace where the refreshing breeze across the Hida River is comfortable.
    There are three types of classical modern guest room open-air baths.
  • Private open-air bath "Hanamai" · "Hoshikago"

    Yamagataya has two private open-air baths along the Hida River.
    While listening to the Kawa-no-Seseragi Hida Kawa-no-Seseragi, please enjoy three people world Izumi the Gero Onsen to fully.

    During the day, listen to the Kawa-no-Seseragi Hida Kawa-no-Seseragi, please enjoy the starry sky floating in the bathtub at night.There are also cherry trees in front of you, so you can enjoy the changing seasons.

    "Hanamai" ~ Hanamai ~
    When you pass through the modern dressing room, steaming steam and the cypress scent will invite you.Cherry blossoms in front of you.Spring has a cherry blossom snowstorm, love fresh green in summer, autumn leaves in fall, fantastic Yukimi bath in winter.Bathing while enjoying various landscapes by season is exceptional.
    Hot spring bath hours
    <People who use day trip lunch plan> Only one time since 1 o'clock later <Guests> From 4 pm to 10 pm until the start of use
    ※Private outdoor bath only on a day trip can not be used.
    ※Use of soap, shampoo, etc. can not be used.Bath only.
    ※There is a step in the bathroom.(No handrail)
    Usage fee
    Once(45 minutes)2,000 yen tax excluded
  • "source", Hot water

    "Hot water" poured from the natural hot Gero Onsen of the Gero Onsen the side of the entrance was completed.
    I am cutting out natural stone and making it.
    Hot water is said to be good for coldness and stiff shoulder.
    You can feel the slippery feel of the Gero Onsen easily by putting in hands.
    If you take a few minutes, your hands will be dull and smooth.
    Please use freely.

    ※Because we are facing the road, please take care of your car.
  • Gero Onsen, Guidance on Yumeguri Pass guides

    ※To prevent infection with the new coronavirus, we will suspend sales of “Yumeguri Pass” and suspend hot Yumeguri Pass for the time being from April 10, 2020 (Friday).Please note.

    If you fully enjoy the name fountain of Gero, "Yumeguri Pass" is advantageous.
    If you have this one you can take three baths from the billroom inn billiard.
    Bills are perfect for memorials and souvenirs of traveling.Gero you come to Gero, do not forget "Yumeguri Pass".
    We are selling at our front desk.
    Hot spring bath hours
    Time spent at each facility is different.Please confirm from the link in the lower right.
    The parking lot and use time vary depending on the bathing facilities.
    Be sure to check beforehand beforehand.
    Usage fee
    1 sheet, ¥ 1,300

Yamagataya Onsen

Hot spring name

Gero Onsen

Hot Spring Qualities·Efficacy

Gero Onsen is a Kusatsu Onsen spring that can be counted as one of "Nippon Best Three Hot Spring" along with Kusatsu Onsen and Arima Onsen.
It has effects on beauty and health, such as motor disorders, rheumatism, nerve paralysis, recovery from illness, recovery from fatigue and so on.
Fountain quality of alkaline simple hot spring is good on the skin,
It is also a famous hot spring, also known as "Bijin-no-yu", as well as outstanding moisturizing effects.

Spring temperature 55.6 ℃(Maximum well 84 ° C), Colorless transparent, Gas discharge amount 1,250 liters/Minute, PH value 9.1, Alkaline simple fountain (Hypotonic alkaline hot spring Izumi)

Neuralgia, muscle pain, Arthralgia, Frozen, Motor paralysis, Joint stiffness, A bunch, Awkward, Chronic gastrointestinal disease, Hemorrhoid, Coldness, Recovery from fatigue, Recovery period after illness, Health Promotion

Contraindication Acute diseases (especially in the presence of fever) Malignant tumor Active tuberculosis, heavy sickness, respiratory failure renal failure, hemorrhagic disease, advanced anemia Other general diseases Ongoing disease

Bath Terms of Use

·Large Communal Bath·Open-air bath use time from 15:00 to 1:00, From 5:00 to 9:30 (No bathing from midnight to 5:00)
·You can not use soap and shampoo in private outdoor bath. (From 16: 00 to 22: 00)
·Customers with tattoos or tattoos are not allowed to take baths in large public baths and open-air baths, regardless of their location, size, and type (no seal).
·Undressing room and shooting in the camera video with a smartphone camera mobile phone or the like in the bath will be refused.
·No food or drinks are allowed in the dressing room or bathhouse.

How to use Yamagataya

<Source source>
Gero Onsen Business Cooperative Association

<Supply method>
Centralized management at the union's hot spring tank.Pull out with a special pipe.

<Bathtub management system>
Partial recycling combined with discharge method
Since the waste such as the hair stuck in the corner of the bathtub does not flow naturally only with the discharge type (hanging flow), forcibly sucking out them, returning only the clean hot spring to the bathtub, always using a clean bath We are hiring it.

<Addition of water·Presence or absence of warming>
Hydration is required for temperature control during bathing change.In addition, there is some warming to maintain the temperature of the hot spring in the bathtub.

<Presence of disinfection·Method>
Based on the guidance of the public health center, we implemented it with a chlorinated fungicide.

<Water quality inspection>
Legionella bacteria twice a year, Escherichia coli etc.

<Bathtub changing>
We have completely changed the hot spring in the bathtub at least once on 7th.